Consistent Experience Across Multiple Computers on CrunchBang Linux

This is just a quickie, nothing too in-depth here.  I just thought I’d mention that I’ve migrated all of my computers from Ubuntu to CrunchBang.  I enjoy the lighter and more responsive interface, as well as the lower system overhead.  It fits my workflow and interaction style well.

I don’t need a high degree of customization to be happy, I just want my customizations to conky and the openbox menu to be consistent between my various computers.

I already use Dropbox, which syncs to the ‘Dropbox’ directory in my home directory.  I’ve now created a new directory in Dropbox called cb_settings that holds these configuration files.

Replacing the file on each system with a symlink to the one in the Dropbox/cb_settings directory keeps this file synced up between all of my computers.  A change I make on any computer will take effect on all of them.

As an example, the symlink for conky settings can be made by opening a terminal and executing the following from the home directory:

mv .conkyrc .conkyrc.bak; ln -s Dropbox/cb_settings/.conkyrc

This also happens to back up the existing file to .conkyrc.bak so it can be restored should anything go wrong.

As another quick aside, I’ve found it very useful to remove the default documents, music, and other directories from the stock home directory, and replace them with symlinks to the corrensponding dropbox folders as well.  This way, the system defaults for where things should end up all match up with my synced directories.

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